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How it Works
Step 1
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Register with HKTDC as a verified supplier

To sell on the hktdc.com Small Orders, you must be an HKTDC verified supplier. Once your account is registered and activated, you can build your online profile and product offerings.

Step 2
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Register for a PayPal Account

A PayPal Business Account must be used for online transactions. Use your Hong Kong PayPal Business Account and enjoy preferential HKTDC rates!

Step 3
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Upload product information

Get started by preparing your product information, photos, prices and shipping details. For help, refer to the DIY guide on your My HKTDC page.

Step 4
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Receive orders & payment

Once a buyer has placed an order, you will receive an email notification. You may also check your orders at any time on your My HKTDC page.

Payment is credited to your PayPal Business Account as soon as a buyer places an order.

Step 5
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Arrange delivery

Choose from the well-known courier companies, or any other courier company that works best for you when arranging to deliver your products. You can also enjoy exclusive discount offers and options provided by hktdc.com Small Orders’ logistics services and business partners.

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